Monday, December 17, 2007

God’s Got The Inside Scoop In Football

You have GOT to love the South. Recently my son’s football coach at school was fired after two years of coaching the team to the state Class 1A state final for those two consecutive seasons (Class 1A……we’re kinda small). Why was the coach, an alumni, Heisman Trophy runner-up of 1991, and NFL retiree fired? Well guys, it was “God’s Will”. Yup – that’s the reason this man was fired. No sexual misconduct, no abuse of the kids, no slander, harassment, or surfing of porn on the web. No siree, God told the pastor at the school/church (private Baptist school…..leave me alone) that our much beloved coach had to go. Hmmmm, as the daughter/grand-daughter/niece of very well educated ministers, this pastor must be awfully special. Never once did I ever hear my dad, grand-pa, or uncle tell us that they were special enough to talk directly to God. God must have some spare time on his hands to advise the head of the school who should and should not coach our football team. Maybe if He spent a little less time talkin’ to the pastor we could find the end to world hunger, war, and deviant behavior. WOW, wouldn’t THAT be something! HEY! If the pastor has an in with God, wonder if he could get me a heads up on who’s gonna win the Super Bowl and the name of a good bookie.