Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Reasons I Haven’t Been Blogging Lately

  1. No internet at home……I know, sacrilege
  2. I’ve had a horrific stomach virus for almost a week that’s kept me down and out
  3. I have developed lateral epicondylitis from too much research
  4. Okay, okay I got tennis elbow from surfin’ the web
  5. My neighbor and I went through the alcohol and chocolate in less than two days
  6. See number two
  7. I’ve been spring cleaning and have only ¼ of the house finished. As I’ve been in the house for over eighteen years there is a LOT of purging going on
  8. Catching up at work after being out for most of the week
  9. End of the school year parenting duties….and I really hate being nice to the hypocrites that swarm amongst themselves spouting what good Christians they are while shunning the new people. I have become a crusader. Call me Joan.
  10. Spring football. Thank you baby Jesus, A-men.
  11. I’ve been really tired lately and by the time I get home the urge to write has bound and gagged itself and to perilously dangle upside-down from my rooftop
  12. My neighbor’s sister gave me two Publix bags full of books; I haven’t finished the first bag yet
  13. The lateral epicondylitis is actually a bit painful and as I am a single mom that doesn’t get enough sympathy I’m milking this for all it’s worth


Magpie said...

#12 would be my downfall.

Bonnie said...

I will give you all the sympathy you want. Being a mom is hard enough without doing it alone. Joan is a great thing to be. I am not sure exactly what you are referring to but, Sometimes being Christian is more of an verb than a noun. Sometimes people forget. Get some rest. I hope you mend soon.I need some good books. Send some my way.

Mrs. R said...

That's too bad about #5...

Seriously though, I hope you feel better soon. I had a stomach virus earlier this year, and was sick for about a week as well. No fun. But a good diet.

WA said...

At least tell me you wear a cute, little tennis skirt when you surf the web...cute little tennis bracelet? A couple of tennis balls in your pocket?

the mama bird diaries said...

oh gosh, i'll give you some sympathy. feel better!!

Quickroute said...

Only 13 excuses ? Pollleeeeeeze! - Get it together ! You need at least 26 before you can cop out on blogging!

LceeL said...

Lateral Epicondylitis? I have it, too. Left side. And frozen shoulder. left side. I'm left handed. TYPE WITH ONE HAND.

VE said...

I would have given up trying to spell epicondylitis!

Jess said...

Repeat #5 a few times, you will be fine! :)

Anonymous said...

JESUS-H-CHRIST! Are you still out in wasteland???? When the f*ck are you gonna get DSL??? We miss you...we NEED YOU!!!!

Hellooo, hellooooo, helll...oh screw it.

Go to my blog whenever you dial back in...there is an awesome award waiting for you. GO NOW!!! NOW, I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attila The Mom said...

gak! Hope you're feeling better!