Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Love Googling

I love Googling.

It’s an addiction.

My senses are titillated much in the same why they are when I first walk into a DSW I have never frequented before. There are things available I had no idea were out there….and those that know me understand that my mind has the capability of working in a tasteless, most unseemly manner.

I’m in the process of redecorating my girl-spawn’s bedroom. She has decided she is “too old” for a rain forest green room and wants to graduate to orange.


That’s ORANGE for those that didn’t gasp the first time the color was read.

Lucky for her, I actually love orange. Not that I’d want to sleep in a room with walls the color of chewed and spewed cheesy poofs but hey, spawnette is only 15 years old.

In the hopes of not blinding other family members and friends, I was googling with the hopes of locating pictures of decorating ideas I had in my head that I was incapable of explaining to the tightly molded left side of spawnette’s brain. (She’s a visual kinda gal.) I have ideas for a slightly less bold wall color with the ceiling a darker orange, Indian saree’s turned into pillows and curtains, the removal of her closet doors and replacing them with drapes, the hanging of a capiz chandelier, and maybe, if the mood strikes us, draping gauzy material over the ceiling. I know, I know, it’s a bit much but I love decorating.

So there I am.

Nothing but Google to aid me.

I access the images link and type in “indian bedroom”, “moroccan bedroom”, “indian moroccan bedroom” or something along those lines. My search resulted in a multitude of images but we all know those images are small.

We have to click on them to see the photo better.

In big….bold….techicolor brilliance...




It’s a hotel in California (insert song lyrics here) and you get to choose from the 109 fabulously decorated rooms depending on your fantasy, sense of humor, or own personal taste.

Being of Irish descent, I chose the Irish Hills Room.

What? You’re French? How about the Fleur De Lis Room? Or the Vouz

Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening….you’re Swedish! Here, this is the Carin Room just for you.

Yes folks – there really is an OZ and it’s located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. So grab those ruby slippers, throw the dog in a picnic basket and let’s meet so we can kick some flying monkey ass!


WA said...

Yes, the famous Madonna Inn. I always wanted to stay there until I found out that they didn't actually have cone-bra pillow cases.

And remember, too much Googling will make you go blind.

Queen Goob said...


Oh my God I can't see!