Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Last week I was introduced to a blogging trend called “Thursday Thirteen”. Since I have been spending quite a bit of time complaining about the pollen that has sheathed our milieu in a thick cloak of sulfur-guised spores, I thought I should take a moment to share the joys of spring, as well. Here is my first installment of Thursday Thirteen:

Things I Love About Springtime

1. The overnight bursts of green from newly awakened buds.
2. Dogwood, Bradford Pear, and Redbud trees blooming throughout the neighborhood.
3. Lazy afternoons reading a book in the backyard.
4. Firing up the charcoal grill and cooking our dinner out back.
5. Afternoon walks with the kids.
6. Heading to the beach.
7. Cool mornings and warm afternoons.
8. Opening the windows and letting the breeze waft through the house.
9. Birds returning and filling the yard with chatter.
10. Clear, sunny days with not a cloud in the sky.
11. Pollen.
12. Putting away the heavy sweaters and bringing out those sundresses.

Next week, to make up for the warm weather and weekends spent out of doors, I will dedicate to those in the frozen north my next installment of Thursday Thirteen – “Things We Love To Hate About Florida”.


WA said...

14. It's the 3 weeks a year I don't have to turn on either the heat or the A/C.

Can't wait until next Thursday's list. Be sure to include the Seashell Outlet.

Mrs. R said...

I so cannot wait to be able to do #13.

Magpie said...

Glad to hear you're using charcoal and not a gas grill. So much nicer.