Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let's Find Marnie The Perfect House Day

As you know, last week I told you how I love house hunting. I have big dreams. It’s not a bad thing, but I also understand the love and care it takes to maintain an older home. My current house isn’t exactly “historic” but I was born and raised in an area of the country that values and appreciates architectural excellence. Therefore, I have just this morning deemed Tuesdays……”Let’s Find Marnie The Perfect House Day”. Here are a few to get your rocker rockin’; see what you can find that tickles your fancy.

A little too modern for my taste BUT I guess I could suffer.

What a shame this one is in the middle of town; wonder what it would cost to move it?

I have no desire to live in Mexico but hey, what do I know – never been there.

Check out the underground tunnel on this one; I could actually turn to my spawn and tell them to “Go downstairs and skateboard ‘til dinner is ready!”

Italy anyone?

Remember me saying how I would love a little farm to grow old on? Check out the barn that comes with this quaint little home build in 1700….and it has a “greenhouse”, too! Bedrooms will need a bit of updating (paint, furniture that fits in the room) but check out the kitchen – FAB!

Anyone a Hitchcock fan? Does that staircase scream “Vertigo” or what? And look at the ceiling in the “teal” bedroom. WOW!

I told you - it’s an addiction.


Magpie said...

tunnel to the barn, huh? so you don't actually have to take off your slippers when you go out to water the horses?

LceeL said...

I like your taste in architecture, but given the age of the properties you've listed, each would require very careful inspection before considering a purchase. I think my favorite is the Italian joint. I could have all my friends over and still never see them. Most of them are pains in the ass, anyway.

Melissaria said...

Right that's it. I'm moving to the USA. For the equivalent of $799,900 where I'm looking, you could get a reasonable 4 bedroom family home. Nice, but nothing special. Not fair!

I want that kitchen...

Queen Goob said...

Melissaria - here’s one for you: if you go to the realtor’s website you’ll see this one has been reduced to $199,999.00 (or, because I’m sweet like this £100714.57) so COME ON OVER!


Queen Goob said...

lceel - I think we may have some of the same friends.....

WA said...

Yo quiero esta Mexico casa.

Is that price in pesos???