Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrate Good Times, COME ON!

I just snorked some coffee and it really, really burns.

As you may already know, I am a Google whore.
♪ ♪ I love Google and Google loves me ♪ ♪

Wandering around the vast wastelands found in the O’Googula Nebulous, I ran across a bit of information I thought I’d pass along. In the spirit of Earth Day and Arbor Day, a group of hippified retired sideshow performers have designated May 3rd as “World Naked Gardening Day”.

I don’t know about you, but naked gardening in my neighborhood is truly not something I want to endure. I’m surrounded by post-menopausal or primordial women and deviant, crotchety, dirty, old men. (Except for Jimmy the Gardener who’s hung like a horse and wears REALLY, REALLY tight, white pants.) Do I really want to see Mr. Schnifflehauden three doors down out front gardening in “all his glory” handling his hoe and trimming his bush?

Nope, not on my street.


Mrs. R said...

You know...what I can't understand is how being naked helps the environment...

Queen Goob said...

mrs.r. Yeah! All of that extra methane gas from "the old folks" going directly into the air we breathe. YIKES

Magpie said...

Ack! Thank you, no.

LceeL said...

O.M.G. Not in MY neighborhood. However, about 3 blocks away ....

Anonymous said...

BLECHHH! I clicked over on your link there and was hit with crumpled up, old man bits!!! And I was eating lunch too! GACK!!!

This is just wrong, on so many levels I can't even fathom.

I too am a Google would not be worth living without Google...maybe I'm a Google Junkie too?

Hey, stop by my blog: I added you on my blog roll (yay) and I have a Caption Contest...c'mon, give it a wing ding!!!

Quickroute said...

Me and Mrs Jones
Thank god - we got NOTHING going on!
We both know that it's wrong
And thinking of you gardening naked Is enough to make me smoke a bong!

Bonnie said...

Why would these peope think that is acceptable. Yikes. I hope it is all an old folks comunity. Can you imagine having to explain that to your kids? The conversations that would ensue would make entertaining posts though.

Queen Goob said...

Come on, Magpie, this would be a great opportunity for to invite some friends over for drinks and laughs.

Lceel - I see you'll be putting your walking shoes on to celebrate.

Random - LMAO, was that site SCAREY or WHAT?!?!? You now understand my coffee burns. YEA I'm on a roll! And my thinking cap is on for the caption contest because that's a funny picture....of my MOTHER!

Quickroute - DANG, you're raggin' my nakedness and you don't even know what I look like. Not that bad for an old broad, thank you!

Bonnie - My kids would think a neighborhood full of naked old people was hysterical but then they think pretty much everything in life is funny. Thank goodness, huh?

leelee said...

LOL...too funny...I'm sure I don't want to see any of my neighbors naked thank the sunburn issues..ouch!

Now Jimmy the gardener sounds interesting..

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll..I will do the same..


the mama bird diaries said...

Hilarious. That is so freakin' gross. I don't like to garden. and i don't like to be naked. So apparently, not the hobby for me.

catscratch diva said...

I plan to get nekkid and play in the lillies now... I hate to, but it's in writing.