Monday, August 11, 2008

Queen Goob Needs......

I know - you're waiting for stories from my vacation because I was gone so long; still drafting them out so please be patient.
While on vacation I was tagged by Random Chick with a meme. The rules are simple: Google "Your name needs" and describe the first ten results. (I didn’t include anything that referenced my blog or comments made on someone else’s blog where I signed my name as this would have really limited the results – it referenced the following blogs: mine more than once, Random Chick, whatigotsofar, catscratchdiva, and memarielane. Considering I only got about 5,600 total links in my search, this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.)

Just about anything you want – for FREE! Lots of stuff if you’re wanting to become a drag queen.

A memo on safety first at work from Diagnostic Laboratories Services, Inc. Crap, they found out about my HAZMAT suit, didn’t they?

A review of the Grateful Dead concert that took place at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey California in July of 1988. Did you know that a couple of Deadheads camped out on the grounds of a U.S. Army rifle range resulting in the Dead being banned from playing there ever again? Me neither! Go figure!

Lyrics to the songs from the Magical Mystery Tour album first released in 1967. Too bad I’m not a Beatles fan…..not even a little, tiny bit.

An “unofficial” DisneyWiki site referencing Michael Yagoobina, AKA, the Bowler Hat Guy from the feature film Meet The Robinsons. Meet the Robinsons is a computer-animated film and the 46th animated feature produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is based on the children's book, A Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce. Okee-dokee, then.

This is my personal favorite…a review of Elizabeth LaPrelle’s music from her Rain and Snow album. It seems “Elizabeth sounds like she descended straight from the Blue Ridge circa 1920.” Gosh, and I don’t yet have that CD in my collection; gonna run right out and buy THAT one cause Lord knows I love me some banjo pickin’ mountain music!

Take a moment and listen to Elizabeth’s song “Darlin’ Corey

The “bebo” profile of a nineteen year old girl from Dublin who was recently accepted into NCAD! You go Abigail! (NCAD is the The National Collegeof Art & Design located in Dublin.)

Guardian’s Ancient Egypt Discussion Board in which someone is in dire need of pictures of Hatshepsut. Who was Hatshepsut? Well, she was the chief queen of Tuthmosis II, who declared herself King of Egypt. That bitch!

It seems the NHRA may not be returning to E-Town in 2009 due to the death of racer Scott Kalitta who died from injuries suffered during a qualifying accident and there are some pissed off people discussing it.

And finally – an article about a curvaceous Miss Surrey hopeful of her outcome in the Miss England competition that took place in July. Hold on, let me see who won….nope, but she placed second.

Thanks RC, that was a hoot. I'm not officially tagging anyone but if you need to steal something on one of those days you just don't have a thing to bitch about, this was a fun.


just bob said...

Welcome back!

We kept your seat warm while you were gone.

just bob

Anonymous said...

Yay Queen Goob!!!

I figured you might get lots of results for drag queens or transvestites...or midget porn. Same thing, right?

Can't wait to hear about your escapades!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say...WELCOME BACK!!! You survived!

Megan said...

Ooh, you had some good ones! Welcome home!

Quickroute said...

Back to brag about your vacation - ok - go on then - better be lots of alcohol, parties, nakedness etc!!
Welcome back!


*plugs ears and walks away, bitching to himself about his lack of time off ever*

Gig said...

Welcome Back!!

Ready to see all the pics of your time away!! We missed you at "the party", a great time was had by all, especially Blottie.

whatigotsofar said...

Not a Beatles fan???

Mrs. R said...

Yay, you're back! Welcome home! I hope you had a great time.

Loved the meme. Might have to try this...