Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where Are The Fairies And Elves When I Need Them?

fay (f ) - noun - fairy or an elf. [Middle English faie, enchanted person or place, from Old French fae.]

I the world of Webster’s, “fay” may mean fairy or elf but not in the world of Marnie. Nope, today this is Fay:

(The Weather Channel)

This graphic shows the projected path of tropical storm-force wind speeds from Fay over the next 72 hours. (NOAA)
I have been activated as of 10:00 this morning. A tropical storm warning with the potential landfall of a cat 1 or even a cat 2 storm validated the Governor issuing a State of Emergency which means that I, as a logistics supervisor, have been called upon to assist the people of the State of Florida in preparation of a possible disaster. Now remember, it doesn’t take much for an excess of damage to take place; in 2005, Wilma broke records when she strengthen from a 70-mph tropical storm to a 170-mph category 5 hurricane in just twenty-four hours.

Now what, you ask, do I see in my future for this activation as far as disaster relief and such? I see a really big thunder storm hitting the keys and heading up the west coast of Florida. I see a bunch of guys just WAITING for a storm to hit so that they can go forth and “save the world”. I see more time away from my kids and less time spent at home. I see some storm surge and a bit of flooding but nothing that will bring people’s every day lives to a screeching halt.

But then again I’m not a meteorologist; I just play one in my mind.

Don’t know how long I’m going to be gone but I am to in at 17:00 hrs and start preparing for the worst.

Stay safe, stay cool, stay tuned.


Megan said...

Sounds like "activated" is not something very fun to be. Keep safe, Marnie!

Memarie Lane said...

I'm so glad I don't live there anymore. In fact I liked Florida just fine until I found myself huddled in a closet with a crank radio at 2AM trying not to have a panic attack.

Alice said...

You should move to Savannah. It is the land of the eternal hurricane warning where nothing ever strikes.

Alice said...

Stay safe!

just bob said...

Batten down the hatches. My last hurricane was Andrew and that was enough for me. Please take care of yourself.

just bob

Suzanne said...

Hi baby.

I've been through two major earthquakes in CA. One in San Francisco and one in L.A. Rob wants to take the Florida Bar Exam and live there. I basically told him to go to hell. I've had enough. He wants to go, fine. I'm not. I've had enough with states that deal with stupid stuff. Find me a boring state. That's where I'm headed.

Good luck and velcro yourself to something. Stay safe dear friend. Seriously. Stay safe.

Much love,

Robyn said...

Since I have lived through so many hurricanes when we lived in Bloixi Mississippi...hang in there and leave when they say hero kind of stuff...K?!

Bee said...

I hope you and yours are safe! I mean come on, I owe you a beer... ;op

LceeL said...

Be safe, sweetheart. Just be safe.

Practically Joe said...

As a logistics supervisor do you really think the logical thing to do is stay there? Move up here in New England where the blizzards are fun. Just thought I'd offer an alternative considered practically wisdom? Stay safe Queen Goob.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to hear that you had to high tail your ass out of there! Is that what "activated" means? Well, no matter what it means it does not sound good.

I hope you and your spawn are safe. Remember, don't rely on your government to save you because you don't live in the Hamptons. I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers to the Hurricane Gods, thou shalt be no wind and rain!!!

Take care!

catscratch said...

Wow. You stay safe and take care of you!

Mrs. R said...

I hope you are safe. Will wait for more updates...

Queen Goob said...

Megan – Actually I enjoy being activated; more fun than my “real job.”

Marie – Must have been a big storm; usually they’re not that bad….unless it was your first.

Alice – Savannah? I would LOVE to live there, it’s beautiful. (P.S. how'd the first day go????)

Bob – Andrew SUCKED! People forget it totally wiped out an entire community and that community never rebuilt. Devastating.

Suz – I’m sorry but I personally think hurricanes are way easier than earthquakes. Ain’t no holes in the ground that you CAN FALL INTO!!! How scary! We get wind, rain, flood, pestilence, famine, oops, those last two don’t count.

Robyn – I can’t leave – I’m one of those heroes.

Bee – GERRRRLLL just keep it on ice. Wait, I have one in the fridge right now so I’ll lift the bottle to you.

Lou – I promise. And I already told them if a bad storm comes through my dog comes with me. Kids? Got ‘em covered, too.

Joe – Your wisdom was just what we were talking about this afternoon. LOL I really miss the change of seasons, not a bad idea moving back north.

RC – Your comment made me laugh the loudest. I’m the government everyone else is relying on so doesn’t THAT suck for the rest of the state? LOL Oh, and your prayer worked; wind and rain died out. THANKS!

Diva – Takin’ care and don’t worry about me, the food is great where I am.

Mrs. R. – Update coming right up.