Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Help Desk Ticket

I went to the cable company’s home office last Thursday to pick up a modem so that I could hook up high-speed internet at the house. It’s a twenty-three minute drive from work so I figured I could haul butt there and back during my lunch break with a couple of minutes to spare due to the fact my middle name is “Racer X”. No such luck; the DMV here is fabulous, not so much the cable company.

After receiving my modem and all required insert technical terms here for cables and stuff, I raced back to the office prepared to hook up the internet at home over the weekend. Thinking ahead and due to the fact I’m a blonde, I called my brother over to assist and guide in the connection of the box to the computer.

He got nothin’.

We drank a couple of beers, tried again, and still got nothin’. At this point I offered my assistance.
Bro went home, grabbed his modem and came back to the homestead; lo and behold thru his box we had high-speed connectivity and proceeded to surf the web. He left, took his box with him with the understanding that I would go BACK to the home office and trade out boxes because obviously I had a defective modem.

Monday I again took my lunch break to turn in the “defective” modem and traded it in on a “working” modem.

Went home last night, hooked it up and guess what!! You got it…

I got nothin’.

After two modems, three phone calls to tech support, and three IT professionals, I called and made an appointment for a cable technician to come to the house and “hook it up properly”. I have a feeling that Cletus may run into difficulties, too.

Should I have King Dork and Brother there for good measure? Yeah, I think so, too.


Chris Wood said...

Your modems are suffering from what is technically known as "being shit-itis."

Once the tech is at your place, it'll work fine.

Then guess what?


i think the monkey has a better chance at fixing it than the cable tech who will come and service you...

Bee's Musings said...

WOW! If my cable company line was like that, we'd have satellite!

Giggle Pixie said...

I'm starting a pool...I'm betting the cable dude doesn't even show up.

'Cause that's how they roll here in Hoosierland. Asshats.

I hope I'm wrong and your guy not only shows up but finds an easy fix for you!!

Quickroute said...

I've been internetless a few times and it's just a pain in the ass

Anonymous said...

You know this is all a conspiracy so that they can charge you a gazzilion dollars to have their guy come out and miraculously locate a working modem. They keep all the good modems in the tech trucks you know.

Queen Goob said...

OMG - EVERYONE LOOK!!!! That;s the first time my sister has left a response! Right up there, she finally figured out how to do it.

starts clapping her hands Come on guys, let's show her how proud we are that she finally entered the blogosphere.

bernthis said...

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