Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I’m Back In The Saddle Again

Okay maybe not TOTALLY back in the saddle because I’ve been on “vacation” since the 24th of December. It was a busy holiday what with family in town for ten days, my mother having a hip replaced, kids at home demanding time and taxi service, a neighbor who was out of town and needed me to take care of her animals (there’s a funny story there, folks, don’t let me forget to tell you all about it), a man whom I dearly love that didn’t really want to spend each and every single day with my sister and her family but did because he loves me (I so owe him sexual favors for suffering through those tumultuous times), and a trilogy of books I just happened across at Borders and haven’t been able to put down (I’ll pimp this new and exciting author in just a moment.)

Can you say “WOW”?

No – really – can you say “WOW”?

Now that you know I still love each and every one of you, I’m going to print out this Word formatted document prior to posting on my blog so that I remember to tell you about all of the exciting events that took place these past two weeks. I just need a moment or four hundred and seventy-one to get caught up here at work so I still have a job to come to.

Hmmmm, do I really WANT this job that I come to?

REMINDER TO SELF: Ponder whether or not it would be a good thing if I got fired from my job. Or maybe I could quit and be a stay at home mom. Do stay at home moms get paid? If so, by whom?

Back to the books I’ve been loath to part company with (I currently have the third book in my purse just in case I get to run away from work and read for a moment.) While browsing Borders here in the lovely Florida Panhandle, I stumbled on absolutely nothing while meandering by the “New Releases” display. As I straightened myself up with the hopes that no one saw me (it was two days before Christmas; what the hell was I thinking, of COURSE people saw my clumsy ass….) I glanced to the left and saw this:

How cool is that?!?!?!? This is actually the third in a trilogy about “an assassin’s journey into legend”.



Dudes, I am SO ninja so I had to buy all three books for myself for Christmas and haven’t been able to put them down since I started reading them last week. I took them with me when I pottied, I took them with me when I was hangin’ with my sister, I took them with me when I went shopping with the kids at the mall.

“Hi, my name’s Marnie and I’m a Kylar Stern addict.”

“Hi Marnie!”

If you love to read and enjoy escaping reality every once in awhile, I highly recommend picking up these books and blocking off your calendar for a few days….they are WELL worth the time.

AND….they make you dream really cool ninja dreams in which you totally and completely kick ass in order to save the sheep and children wearing highlander clothing…..other story there folks.

Off to get some work done or at least LOOK like I’m working because my boss is due back soon.
For additional information on Marnie’s addiction, go here: KYLAR STERN ROCKS AND I WANT TO BE VI WHEN I GROW UP!!!!

p.s. Yes, I know he's "more than merely ninja" but no one knows but us.


Megan said...

Sweet timing! I was already going to the library today, so I'll look for this!

Good to see you back (again).

I think stay at home moms get paid in hugs...

Leah said...

Welcome back QG!!!!! I'm also going to go for this pronto. It looks like just the sort of thing for me.

Can't wait to hear some stories!

Anonymous said...

Hey There Ninja Woman!

Okay, I've got to check out these books pronto! I'm almost done with the one I'm reading now so it will be next on my list...and second and third (I have to read all three).

Dude, I'm gonna be a stay at home Mom and I'm not sure who is going to pay me, but they better pay me BIG TIME!!!

Giggle Pixie said...

Oh, how I've missed you!!!! So glad to have you back! Hope the holidays were good to you!

just bob said...

Can I escape to the books and only visit reality instead of the other way around? And what about the neighbors animals? How about them Noles?