Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sometimes It's Good To Be Queen

I know…..I’m a bad girl for being gone so long but it has been a crazy couple of weeks. As you all know, King Dork has finally and “officially” moved from Ohio down to the armpit of Florida. He’s not as close to his kids as he would like BUT there is year-round golf so he’s adjusting. Speaking of his kids, his youngest son leaves Saturday for a year-long tour in Iraq so keep him and all of the soldiers over there in your prayers.

So we brought The King’s stuff back to the homestead the weekend of Thanksgiving. As we didn’t get in until very late that night due to holiday traffic, we waited until Monday morning to unload the U-Haul trailer and the SUV. The two combined held a lot.

I’m talking so much that the garage is overflowing onto the back porch and there are additional boxes in the Florida room and dining room.


packing it up to bring to Florida

stuff that didn't make it to Florida but instead got "stored" at the farm

I’m freaking out because I don’t know where to put all of this stuff, my Christmas decorations did not make it up, I have no tree, and this is my favorite season on the year as far a decorating. UGH!!! Big cry jig Sunday and onto the “fuck it” stage. This is the stage in the game where I pretty much don’t give one or two shits whether or not I put up a tree, hang a stocking or two, or string my flying light-up flamingos from the pines in the front yard.

yes this is really my house.....

This is a quiet stage, a stage of acceptance, a stage that reminds me there will be no week-long packing up of decorations after the holiday season is over. A stage of many a beer and contemplation of many more beers.

And now onto THIS weekend. As most of you know, my son plays high school football. He plays on a 1A team that has made it through the playoffs and is headed to the Citrus Bowl for the State Championship game tomorrow night. This is the teams’ third year in a row making it to State Champs; we’re hoping for a win this year. My son is a junior but has started in all three State Championship games and is finally hopeful they will go all the way.

This is MY “Z”

coming in for the kill
The fun part will be staying at my sister’s for the weekend. I see in my future quite a few toddies consumed as I sit on the floor admiring HER Christmas tree.

Admiring her tree…..sounds like I need a beer this evening to prepare for the beer tomorrow that I will be drinking as I sit under a tree that is shedding needles on someone else’s floor, that someone else is forgetting to water, and that someone else knows before this holiday is over the dog is going to run through the house and slam into the tree knocking it down and leaving shards of broken glass all over the floor that the kids will step right through or over because they don’t have it in them to grab the broom and sweep it up themselves.

Ya know.....sometimes it’s good to be Queen.


Giggle Pixie said...

Having my own holiday crisis over here (don't ask) so I can sort of relate. Hang in there and enjoy everyone else's tree - and take MAJOR DELIGHT in knowing you won't have any of the after-holiday clean-up and put away!!! Woot, woot!

Then next year your house can go back to its amazing decorations. It looks gorgeous, by the way!!


Megan said...

Stick around for a while this time, huh? The blogworld needs queens like you!

P.S. Best of luck to your son and his team! I wish I could have got mine to play this year, but he wanted a break...

Leah said...

Moving is always hell. Always, no matter what. Hang in there!

Cool about your son!

Mr. Shife said...

Well first off I will definitely say a prayer for the King's son and the other soldiers over in the Middle East. And good luck to your son in the championship game. Hope they can pull out the W this year. And good luck getting everything unloaded and unpacked because you deserve to get all of your decorations up especially if it is your favorite holiday. Plus you are the Queen damn it.

just bob said...

Good luck in Orlando. Go Eagles!

Suzanne said...

Your son's a cutie-pie! Good luck to him and his team.

Moving is hell. I know because I've done it too many times. I'd stop by to help decorate for the holidays, but Gig didn't provide the assistant I requested, so my own home isn't even decorated yet, nor am I listening to Christmas music because Sweet Pea chewed through the speaker wire. Life is hell!!! Christmas is my favorite freakin' holiday and I can't seem to get it together this year. HELP! Oh, and did I mention, I didn't even move!

Love the photo of the house with all the pink flamingos. Too fun!!!

Love you darlin' and hang in there.

Jess said...

Your son is a lil hottie!!! Enjoy the beer lovely! I know I will be!


excellent!!! lovin the photos too!!!

LceeL said...

Queen and prescient, at that. (That means you can see the future. And frankly I gotta love a woman that sees multiple cans of beer in her future.

Bee said...

Ooh! I hope they won!

I have no outside lights so yours look beautiful to me. :o)

I'm doing a round two for my Secret Santa Can Suck It! let me know if you want to join in the fun and get some Christmas spirit going.

Practically Joe said...

When you go for your visit ... bring along an ornament of your own so that you'll really feel a part of it all.
All though ... flip-tabs are pretty handy for hanging empty beer can ornaments too.