Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm The Weiner.....

of the prestigious “Seal of Coolness”. The MOST fabulous Random Chick has taken it upon herself to award me with a most undeserving award…..at least according to me kids it is. We all know how cool I am even on those days my coolness factor isn’t registering on the Richter Scale I. Crack. Myself. Up.

So a toast to you R.C. (we Southerners love us some RC, Sugar) and three cheers! Or three drinks should you prefer.

Hip, hip, hurray!
Schlip, hip, Hey Ray!
Fhlip, schnip…………THUNK.

Too much sun; she’s out cold after only three rather sizeable Martinis.

Shhhheeeez, what a welterweight!


LceeL said...

Yes, my dear, you are sooooo cool. Do you need somebody to suck that olive out of your butt?

Mrs. R said...

Congratulations on your most deserved award. :)

MadMad said...

Oh, you are, too, cool! I bet YOU don't have 80-ish year old women coming up to you saying they like YOUR clothes. 'Cuz that happens to uncool people. You know, like a friend of mine. Yeah, that's it - a friend.

Anonymous said...

Well done! - Any chance you can share the drink ?

Queen Goob said...

LceeL - I think I may have a candidate to take care of that for me.

Mrs. R - aww shucks. BTW - did you get that horrible monster out of your car?

MadMad - I WAS that 80ish woman complimenting you on your clothes 'cause you looked HOT!

Quickroute - Would you be up for the task of handling that olive problem I seem to be having?

Anonymous said...

I'll take that martini...and have another!!!

You are more cool than you kids think you are...remember that. It is the source of your power as a Mother. Hee hee!

Magpie said...

Well deserved I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

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