Thursday, July 31, 2008

All I Need Are Some Tasty Waves, A Cool Buzz, And I'm Fine.

Most mornings I arrive at work promptly at 7:30; this morning was an exception. I arose as usual at 5:45 to the persistent buzzing of my alarm clock. I soared out of bed, slapped the alarm clock to activate the snooze, crawled back under the covers and proceeded to dream about that really cool traffic map in the right-hand column of my blog (please don’t ask; I have no idea.) The following conversation took place this morning at approximately 7:21:



Boss: Good Morning, this is (insert boss’s name here), how can I help you?

Me: Hey it’s Marn. I’m running late, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Boss: What’s wrong with the bus? (Isn’t he a funny guy…..)

Me: Dude, I totally slept through my alarm.

Boss: *hardy laughter* ‘Kay, see you soon.



What am I, the reincarnate of Spacoli? My boss is now Mr. Hand? What the hell came out of my mouth?!?!?

Thank goodness they deliver pizza to my complex; it looks like it’s gonna be one of those days.



Believe it or not, I pulled into the parking lot at 8:01. My hair may have been wet but I made it in record time.


Jess said...

Dude! It totally sounds like you have an awesome boss! I do makes all the difference in the world to work for someone who is a GOOD person.

hmduey said...

Since I know your boss, this is actually totally appropriate banter, isn't it? :)

Bee said...

Ha ha!
Why is it that when we're running super late, we accomplish more than when we wake up early.

I get up at 6:45 and get to work half an hour late. If I over sleep and get up at 7:30, I get to work half an hour late. So really, they should give me a raise.

Mrs. R said...

Hey, if you've got a relationship with your boss wherein you can refer to him as dude, tell him you're running late, and all he does is laugh and say okay, I'd say you were doing fine. :)

Leah said...

Checking in on your place. The header alone ("cheesy piece of garbage book, cigarette and cup o' hot joe") made my heart sing.

And it is funny how running late can make one frantically efficient...

just bob said...

Dudette... you are so like me. Get up on time, late for work. Get up late, be at work on time.

...passes a cup of coffee since I suspect you missed it this morning.

Queen Goob said...

Jess – If you think working with a throw back from the Andy Griffith Show is awesome then yes, he is a good person.

Doodie – I forgot to insert a “voice like Jeff Foxworthy”. LMAO!

Bee – Get your boss on the horn; I’ll get you a raise!

Mrs. R. – I have NOTHING to say when it comes to boss/employee relationships other than if you need my assistance, I’ll help you hide the body.

Leah – Frantically efficient? Thank goodness I have no meetings today and can hide in my office; I’m wearing a navy t-shirt, faded jeans, and dark blue Vans. How cool am I?

Bob – Dude, you are so totally rad, Bra. I’m stoked you kicked it and brought me this bitchin’ cup o’joe.

catscratch said...

One of my favorite movies, EVER.

I can only assume that you didn't get pulled over for speeding or anything of the such?

HappyHourSue said...

It's because we have a teenager in the house. I call every "dude". Even Jesus.

Alice said...


At least your boss could laugh at it. I think my old boss would have been flustered.

LceeL said...

Dude. That is just cool. Just don't ever call him Shirley.

Quickroute said...

Dude, your boss is so like totally chillin' Peace!


"gnarly bro!"

nice driving!!!

Megan said...

Funny stuff, dude.

Suzanne said...

I wanted to. Everyone used dude. I won't. Yikes, I just hit you in the ass with my BMW. Ohhhhhhhhhh right. That's just a memory. I'm tailgating with my Mercedes. Why are you doing 65 in the fast lane. Bitch. I have to work you know!!! Get out of the damn way. Jeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz.

No really, get, scoot, sceeeeedaddle. Move along. *Eyes roll up in back of head.* Smart ass...move it! Hey, just noticed I'm not on your blog roll. Don't make me come over there. You aren't on mine cuz I accidently erased. You will be as soon as I recover.


sista #2 said...

I so knew what movie the title of this blog was from!

Either I watch too many movies or I am too old.


Magpie said...

40 minutes, huh? pretty good.

i call my boss dude. he calls me wench. whatever.

Practically Joe said...

As a 57 year old restaurant manager I always love the expressions I get when a new server, cook or busboy passes me by in work and I give them a "Dude! Wa'sup?" ... they never see it coming.

Trooper Thorn said...

Did you order pizza to be delivered to the office later? Did your boss make you share it with your co-workers?

Gaston has now been re-named Aunt Clara for his crazy, ragged, uncontrolled flying as he goes window to window looking for us in the house.

Jezebel said...

I just have to say how thankful I am for peeing before I read this post! OMG! I laughed so hard, I scared one of the cats!

At least you didn't do the extended version and say 'duuuuuuuude' or 'like, fer sure'!!

Evil Genius said...

Hey, he sounds like a totally cool dude! I mean...boss. Ahem.