Thursday, July 10, 2008

Betty Ford Ain't Got Nothin' On Me

So, I guess I should fill you in on the actual conversation I had with Spawn about the beer because it really wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be. I will do my best to relay the conversation as accurately as I can remember it verbatim. (Is that grammatically correct or did I just totally and completely rape the English language?) We’ve had conversations in the past about alcohol, driving, and all the ramifications of drinking underage both legally and at home. So here goes – as good as it gets:

QB - *drops herself down onto the couch and schlumps up next to Spawn* S’up?

S – Nu’in’

QG – So man…..didja get my note?

S -
*slightly turns his head toward me and raises and eyebrow* Huh?

QG – Dude, you are so busted.

S – What?!?!

QG – So who drank the two beers I found in your garbage?

S – I don’t know.

QG -
*drops her head slightly and looks at Spawn over her glasses* Come again.

S – I drank one.

QB – Who drank the other one?

S – Cooper

QG – Dude, you are such a dork; who drank the other one?

S -
*shrug of shoulders*

QG – Z……
(That’s his nickname)

S – Okaaaaaaaay, I drank them both.

QG – Dude that is so totally uncool.

S -
*shrug of shoulders and dropping of head to the side*

QG – Man, I am so disappointed. Number one, those beers were mine and not for you to just take. Number two you drank alcohol while I was outta the house knowing how I’d feel. And number three, I really don’t want to have to worry about you going to a buddy’s house and roaming the streets after a few beers. Do you know how uncool that is? You do remember it’s illegal, right?

S - Yeah.

QB – So you know I don’t want you in a car if you’ve had any alcohol, right? You remember this conversation we’ve had?

S – Yeah.

QG – You’d call me?

S -
*slowly swings his head toward me and raises one eyebrow*

QG – Cool.

*Throws his arm over my shoulder* Yeah, cool

QG – ‘Ja eat yet?

S – Chicken wings.

QG – Whatcha wanna watch?

S – Knockaround Guys

QG – Cool, Vin looks hot in that wife beater.

* Long pause*

S – Love you mom.

QG Love you too, Baby.


just bob said...

AWWWWW.... that's so sweet except for that part about Vin looking hot in that wife beater.

You should have made him pay for the beer.

Mrs. R said...

It sounds like it went well. I agree with Bob should have made him pay for the beer. :)

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Yes, I agree also...I'm sure with the way you handled it, he would have gladly paid for the two beers.

Good job....definitely NOT uncool!

Queen Goob said...

I totally forgot to make him pay for the beer, I am SO grabbing cash from him tonight.

And Bob - he does look hot in a wife beater. Too bad the man has an IQ of my left shoe because Marnie don't do stupid.

Alice said...

I can feel your advice column coming next. ; )

LceeL said...

You did well. really well. And yes, DO collect the money from him - stealing is NOT cool.

My sons thought is was SO GROSS that I thought Denise Richards was HOT. Of course, the comment I made (which will NOT be repeated here) probably didn't help.

Anonymous said...

Will you be my new Mom? ;-)

Quickroute said...

Nicely done! My parents came down on me like a ton of bricks and grounded me etc and all it did was make me feel like I needed a drink!

Megan said...


Queen Goob said...

Before I say a word or two to each of you I want to say thanks for all of your suggestions – you guys are the BOMB!

Alice – You just want to hear the sex talk Spawn and I had, don’t you?

LceeL – Thanks! I got ten bucks out of him this evening, no joke! And my kids are used to me telling them how hot all the young stars are….he he he

RC – You bet I will, want a beer?

Quickie – That was the feelings I was hoping to avoid so I hope I did okay.

Megan – yeah….YAY!

Cecile said...

I am not looking forward to teaching my boys that life lesson. Right now I am having enough of a struggle with getting one of my boys to stop biting the dogs. Today I caught him biting our pit bull's ear. So I bit his ear back to make him realize that it hurts. He bit our other dog' tail, Apollo (pics of both dogs are on my last post). Sorry I've not been here in a few days, I've been living in purgetory for the past 7 days, and I just got released.

Queen Goob said...

I'm a "retired" vet tech and I love pit bulls! I used to bite my kids when they would bite as toddlers and that worked, hope it works for your kids.

Glad to hear you escape the evil clutches of Dante!

Suze said...

Well done! I've noted it all down for future reference!
Damn teenagers :)

Cecile said...

I love pit bulls too. And Javie dog is such a sweet beauty. We have had her since she was 5 weeks old. She is 6 years old now. When she was a puppy, she would curl up on the back of my neck and hide in my hair. Now, 70lbs later, she still thinks that she is a lap dog. And Apollo, used to be my Mother In Law's dog. We have been around him since he was a pup. Last year, my MIL had a really bad car accident and had severe head trauma. She laided in the hospital in a coma for a few months before she passed away last July. She had a small farm at her place and it was up to my husband and me to go over and feed and care for the animals. My BIL didn't help us. But after she passed, he decided to take the dog. It looks like the dog would have been better off with us. He looks much better since I took him and got him groomed. His fur was in huge matts around his behind and tail. They had to shave him in several places, but they did a good job and he seems much happier. He really is a gentle giant. I love dogs. I have a really bad soft spot for animals in general and I can't stand to see one abandoned or go hungry or be mistreated. It is a good thing I'm married and my husband tells me no from time to time, because I would probably live in a zoo if I didn't. Sorry, Now I'm rambling on your blog too.

Practically Joe said...

Wow! When I read the first part I was wondering how you were going to handle this. I think you did a great job. You have to be "good buds" with your kids at times but without lacking parental responsibility. Communication is key. I like your style.

Attila The Mom said...

Awwww. You forgot to tell him you'd break your foot off in his butt if he did it again. LOL

Jezebel said...

I love the relationship it sounds like you have with your son! Very much like my son but then again, he's 5 years younger than yours so it remains to be seen!

I just hope he really heard you.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I like the way you handled it. Great post.