Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wish Me Luck

So I’ve just initiated contact with a dog breeder. For years I’ve been looking for a reputable IW breeder somewhere within a five hundred mile radius. It’s hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be.

What is an IW, you ask? An IW is an Irish Wolfhound. For those of you not familiar with the breed, they are kind, gentle, sweet-tempered, and pretty much the worst guard dog known to man. They are a member of the site–hounds with a course or rough coat giving the dog that “old man” look about the eyes. They’re not the heaviest breed but they are the tallest averaging around 33 – 36 inches at the withers or shoulders.

I’m so excited. I hope this breeder calls me back so that I can go meet them sometime in the near future so cross your fingers and say a prayer for me, ‘kay?

Here are a couple of photos of the breed; are they GORGEOUS or what??

All photos found through Google Image Search


Bee said...

You must be a tall woman because that breed of dog would make ME their pet!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

What a cute dog....what a BIG dog!!

Alice said...

Awww...I like the idea of owning a dog, but feel I'm far too lazy for it. I hope this works out for you.

If I ever do get a dog, I've always wanted to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback ever since I met one. I'm just fascinated by the sworl on their backs!

Bonnie the Boss said...

They are beautiful and on top of that they leave big huge steamin jobbies!!!
I actually really like them.

Memarie Lane said...

I want a hound dawg myself.

Quickroute said...

hmmm... that's not a dog - it's a hairy giraffe! cute though!

Mrs. R said...

I didn't realize how big they were until the last picture. Hey, at least if you miss the bus, you can ride it to work.

But I do wish you luck. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Mary Witzl said...

My God, that is a whole lot of dog. What are the dog food bills like? I'll bet they eat almost as much as my cat!

Jess said...

That is the hairiest horse I have ever seen!

PracticallyJoe said...

If that dog ever tried to hump my leg ... wait ... me being 5 foot 4 that would be a total body hump.
I'd be a runnin'!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. That is one big ass dog! I'm not fond of big dogs. I got attacked by a German Sheppard when I was little and the memory of those teeth and drooling mouth stick with me to this day...

But if you want one, then I hope it works out for you! When you get one, let us know what you name him/her...and post photos!!!

Good luck!!!

the mama bird diaries said...

We used to have a Scottish Deerhound which is very very similar and she was the sweetest, most gentle dog ever. Still miss that girl.

Queen Goob said...

Bee – Nope, between 5’3” and 5’4”. And they are big couch potatoes, really easy going dogs.

Mrs. S. – I agree….to both.

Alice – There are actually lots of dogs for lazy people; most of them are NOT toy dogs, however. Rhodies are great dogs and big as well. They do tend to attach themselves to one member of the family more than the others but a lot of breeds do that. Good choice!

Bonnie – That’s why I have kids, so I don’t have to clean them up.

Memarie – What kind were you considering?

Quickie – Or a small pony.

Mrs. R. - They say almost all of the puppies come with saddles and bridles.

Mary – You got one HELL of a cat!

Jess – Just a pony….LOL

Joe – They’ll look down upon both you and I and I plan on providing “manners” training. We should be safe.

RC – I was attacked by a bulldog mix of some kind when I was 8 or 9 but fortunately it didn’t scare me off. I spent five years as a veterinarian technician and if I could, I’ve have LOTS more dogs. Will keep you guys posted.

Mama – I just spoke with a friend of mine here in town that breeds Deerhounds and I ask her if she would be willing to consider me for a puppy if the IW doesn’t pan out. Are they awesome or what?? She courses hers and I thought that would be kinda fun, too.

Jezebel said...

O.M.G.!!!!!!! It never dawned on me that 'IW' referred to an Irish Wolfhound (I'm slow like that) because they are my FAVORITE dog! This and our recent digital discovery *wink* makes me believe that you and I were clearly separated at birth!! I looked into getting an IW but they required the owner to have a fence and as a single mother, I just don't have the funds to install a fence for several thousand dollars! In any case, IWs are INCREDIBLE animals and I wish you the best of luck! And if you get one, I'm so coming to visit you and I'm bringing Schwartz so they can have a playdate!!!

Jezebel said...

By the way, the first time my son saw a picture of an Irish Wolfhound he exclaimed "It's Clifford!!" (as in Clifford the Big Red Dog!!) LOL!

Anonymous said...

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